Welcome to Diesel Air Inc.

Since 1998, Diesel Air has been providing mobile OPC testing in compliance with the Periodic Smoke Inspection Program and the Heavy Duty Inspection Program, as specified by California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Diesel Air has a long standing tradition in bringing quality customer service through accuracy, professionalism and punctuality, whether you have two units or two hundred.

We, at Diesel Air understand that your business does not operate on a 9 – 5 schedule, so we are available when you need us.  Diesel Air is a 24-hours a day 7-days a week service provider and while we do accept appointments, we are available for same day service, no job too large or small.

The Diesel Air technicians are certified by the California Council on Diesel Education and Technology, and have years of hands-on experience with diesel engines and equipment.

Diesel Air is a mobile OPC testing service. This gives us the ability to not only come to your facility, but to provide individual units with off-site testing.  This means faster service and less downtime, so you can get on the road and back to work.

Diesel Air is committed to our customers in providing a fast, flexible service while ensuring the best quality and care possible.

Thank you for choosing Diesel Air Inc.

Steve Ortiz
(CEO and President of Diesel Air Inc.)
Email: Steve@dieselair.net

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  1. UPDATE: Be sure to check out our ARB/FAQ page for any inquiries you may have about the CARB regulations in effect or any general questions. If you find you have a question that has not been answered please go to our ASK US page and feel free to type it in and we will reply as soon as possible! And don’t forget to LIKE us and FOLLOW us!

    Thanks again for choosing Diesel Air for all your smoke testing needs.

    Steve Ortiz

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