About Us

Established in 1998, Diesel Air Inc was founded by Ruben Martinez.   In the beginning, he started off with one assistant, a work truck and home office with a couple businesses in the Yellow Pages.  The idea itself was born from necessity due to the new pieces of legislation passed by California Air Resources Board called the Periodic Smoke Inspection Program  and the Heavy Duty Program.  Initially called “Diesel Air Fleet Service,” Ruben decided to change the name to “Diesel Air Inc” so it could fit on the business cards.

Work, in the early years, consisted mainly of weekends, as a side job.  Once word got out about the mobility and flexibility of Diesel Air, Ruben found that he had to decide between his primary full time job and Diesel Air.  It had always been a dream of his to be his own boss and with the business on the verge of flourishing, this was the opportunity for which he had been waiting.  After deciding to dedicate his full attention to the success of Diesel Air, Ruben found more and more business coming to him. His work was beginning to bear fruit.  Eventually, he realized, he would have to grow to meet the new demands of his success.  Diesel Air hired on new workers as business increased, touting up to 9 employees at any one time.

Ruben now heads a business which is still family owned and operated, with his wife, Connie, in charge of accounting and several other family members coming on as techs, electricians, wielders and (the newly developed) web designers.  Diesel Air is in the process of collaborating with other businesses that provide complementary services. Ruben is also working on a new project to bring current customers together, so that they might provide each other which their specialty services.

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